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Is there a way to get help for a tool other than knowing in advance what it does?
Can we have a standardized --help option ?


I found out about clj -Ttools list command in an announcement.
Is there a way to see what other things are available besides "list" operations ?
Is there a way to print docs for those ?
Most CLI tools offer a --help or a man page.
I tried some of the things I know from usual OS commands:
clj -Ttools
No function found on command line or in :exec-fn
clj -Ttools help
Function not found: clojure.tools.tools.api/help
clj -Ttools --help
Function not found: clojure.tools.tools.api/--help
This works but for clj, not for the tools.
clj --help

I would argue that clojure should adopt a more familiar CLI interface so people comming into clojure can find their way around.

Of course more advance clojure users could argue that things are good enough as they are - but I don't think there is any standardization on this front.
This leads to having to remember syntax for lots of tools.

I think having a standardized help would improve this a lot:
There are some guides online - first search brought me this https://clig.dev/#help .
I'm sure there are others.

Original discussion on Cojurians slack

https://clojurians.slack.com/archives/C06MAR553/p1635321226061200?thread_ts=1635283780.057200&cid=C06MAR553 .

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