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When clojure is called from a directory with an empty deps.edn it exits with a non-zero value. I wonder if it could be considered to treat that situation the same as when there is no deps.edn file at all?

This would be improve the Calva Ux a great deal. Calva defaults to start clojure-lsp at activation. One activation trigger is that a Clojure file is opened. Creating a deps.edn file in VS Code will create it as an empty file which the user then can edit. When clojure-lsp starts because of the file creation, clojure is called by clojure-lsp to figure out the classpath. If the file is still empty by then, the command fails, and no clojure-lsp for the user in that session.

It gets extra important for beginners with Clojure, who we want to instruct how to create a minimal deps.edn project and use a Clojure editor to connect to the REPL. As it is now the instructions get complicated.

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