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Although you can clojure -Ttools show :tool something, you don't get much information back about it and you can't use the new -X:deps help/doc on it because it isn't loaded via an alias.

Please add help/doc and help/dir to -Ttools so that it is easier to get help/documentation for the installed tools.

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Yeah, we have a ticket for this https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/TDEPS-187

That didn't fix things fully. The following does not work:

clojure -A:deps -Tdepstar help/doc

This provides help for clojure.tools.cli.api instead of depstar (which has :tools/usage with an :ns-default of hf.depstar)

These two do work as expected:

clojure -A:deps -Tdepstar help/doc :ns hf.depstar

clojure -A:deps -Tdepstar help/doc :fn hf.depstar/pom

I don't know whether you want to reopen TDEPS-187 or create a new ticket for this (assuming the :ns-default _should_ be in effect here)?
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