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The clojure.xml namespace is at this point pretty out of date with modern Java options. It should be marked as deprecated and point to using org.clojure/data.xml instead.

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Oh, I hope clojure.xml is here to stay. clojure.xml is SAX, while data.xml is StAX. Those are distinct, useful features. Requirements that can be elegantly addressed with composable filters favor SAX. On the other hand, if filtering isn't needed, then StAX is more efficient. Even so, I like the simplicity of clojure.xml - the plain maps and no pretense of laziness. I suggest we keep clojure.xml (and allow it to be kept in good repair) as long as the JDK keeps SAX.

Most likely we will just deprecate and it will be unsupported. If someone wants modern StAX support, we should build that into data.xml or in another library. It doesn't make sense for it to be in core.
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