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The 'read-cp' function in clojure.tools.deps.alpha.libmap.clj fails when attempting to split the path-in-repo string value with a regex pattern of File/separator. This is on line 41.

(str/split path-in-repo (re-pattern File/separator))

The File/separator evaluates to \\ on Windows, but for a regex pattern it needs to be \\\\

This works fine on Linux and Mac OS

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I am sure Alex Miller, who I would guess is the most likely person authorized to make such a change, already knows this very well, but calling (re-pattern (str/re-quote-replacement File/separator)) where str is the typical alias to the clojure.string namespace is one fix.

Yeah, this is the right fix. Unfortunately, the add-lib branch is in a pretty weird spot right now as I am actively working on it. In particular there is some new (unreleased) code in master, and I've merged that into add-lib, so the tip of add-lib I think won't actually work with any released clj at the moment.
Actually this code is totally going away anyways and add-lib is not going to support building the lib map from java classpath going forward.