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I installed tools.deps on Windows using Scoop and it works nicely. However, when I do clj -Sdescribe I get the following output:

$ clj -Sdescribe
    {:version ""
     :config-files ["C:\Users\***\scoop\modules\ClojureTools\deps.edn" "C:\Users\***\.clojure\deps.edn" "deps.edn"]
     :config-user "C:\Users\***\.clojure\deps.edn"
     :config-project "deps.edn"
     :install-dir "C:\Users\***\scoop\modules\ClojureTools"
     :config-dir "C:\Users\***\.clojure"
     :cache-dir "C:\Users\***\.clojure\.cpcache"
     :force False
     :repro False
     :main-aliases ""
     :repl-aliases ""
     :exec-aliases ""}

and when I then try to parse this as EDN (which should be possible) via clojure.edn/read-string I get the error: Unsupported escape character: \U which obviously happens because the file path of C:\Users\... contains that.

This would probably need to be adjusted by the tools.deps team? I could work around it, but in a general case, I'd have no way of knowing if a \ signifies an escape character or a path separator. The output should probably be adjusted so a \ is escaped to \\.

Context: this fails for detecting tools.deps version as part of the integration into IntelliJ IDE with Cursive.

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Thanks a lot <3