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I started an ec2 t3.nano instance and created a clojure deps project. The only dependency I had was a private jar file which weighted around ~100mb.
clj command could not download the file and was misleading in its error :
Error building classpath. Could not find artifact name/of/artifact

By curiosity I looked at tools.deps code and tried to run the s3 call :
(aws/invoke s3-client {:op :GetObject

                     :request {:Bucket "bucketname"
                               :Key "/path/to/jar"}})


and then we had a clear error (see https://clojurians.slack.com/files/U2N9GDB1U/F03E16TB10Q/image.png)

It looks like cognitect http is keeping the file in memory, on a really small instance or a container it does not work (it worked with mvn)
Quick fix: have a better error message
Thanks a lot

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