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meta on empty collections is lost:

user=> (meta '^:foo [])
nil   ;; expected {:foo true} as in:
user=> (meta '^:foo [1])
{:foo true}

This bug propagates to ^:const vars:

user=> (def ^:const foo ^:foo [])
user=> (meta foo)
user=> (meta @#'foo)
{:foo true}

*Cause:* As in CLJ-1093, empty collections are replaced with an EmptyExpr that loses meta

*Proposed:* Don't replace with EmptyExpr if meta is present.

*Patch:* 0001-Support-retrieval-of-metadata-from-quoted-empty-lite.patch

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_Comment made by: alexmiller_

It’s been vetted by Rich so it’s in the path to consideration.
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Comment made by: sohta

Yey! I hope things will go smoothly :)

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJ-1187 (reported by bronsa)