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This is my first time working at a place with workstations and networks as restricted as this.

I'm on a windows machine btw.

I've managed to get Intellij and Cursive running and the particular project I'm trying to get running locally everything seems to work with the exception of being able to get the project to accept a :extra-deps that has a :local/root designation in an alias in its deps file.

Whenever I try and run the repl using that alias the code throws a 'can't find on classpath' error for precisely the dependency found in the :local/root area. This issue is not present when using Cursive's code navigation when I do a ctrl+click on any of the refs tied to the namespace.

I've attempted to run the repl through the powershell directly but that gives me other problems and my attempts to set up an ubuntu via WSL but that presents other problems I can't seem to resolve with the company's own dns.

So presently the best option appears to be going through Intellij/Cursive but I just can't get passed this :local/root issue.

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Can you share the actual error?

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You may be running into this issue with Cursive: https://github.com/cursive-ide/cursive/issues/2554

I'm on Windows and use WSL2 for all my Clojure work but I use VS Code + Calva, with VS Code's Remote-WSL extension which makes things pretty seamless so maybe try that if you're not too tied to IntelliJ/Cursive?