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The clojure.spec.test.alpha namespace in clojure.spec 0.3.214 namepace is still AOT-compiled using the locking macro from clojure 1.10.1:




This old locking macro is troublesome with GraalVM native image. See CLJ-1472.

I think if you compile clojure.spec with clojure 1.10.3 then you can just keep using locking and the old locking2 workaround can be removed over here:


An alternative solution would be to also use the locking2 macro in clojure.spec.test.alpha.

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Released spec.alpha 0.3.218

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Thank you! <3 <3
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Can we also get a clojure bump for this version of spec to make sure it's not forgotten for the next alpha release?
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That probably won’t happen until the next alpha