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Hey Alex :)

Think this may be a compiler bug - necessary conditions seem to be:

  • Custom reader macro
  • Used in destructuring in defn
  • AoT compiled


(ns foo
  (:require my.reader-macros))

(defn foo [{:keys [a], :or {a #my/reader-macro "..."}]

In the class file, I get:

static {

    try {
    } catch (Throwable var1) {
        throw var1;

  • load() calls new foo.loading__9166().invoke(), which applies the :requires
  • but, in the __init1() (in my case) it tries to create the vars, including applying the arglists metadata. In applying that metadata, it has:

        RT.keyword((String)null, "or"), 
        RT.map(new Object[]{Symbol.intern((String)null, "a"), RT.readString("#my/reader-macro \"...\"")})

    and the RT.readString call fails with 'unbound var' because my.reader-macros hasn't been required yet.

Work-around is easy enough, and I daresay it's relatively rare given removing any of the three conditions above fixes the issue, but thought I'd raise nonetheless :)



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