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Type: Enhancement

Summary: Use git SHAs + tags for local deps


Currently, when working with local dependencies, I cannot use a git tag to refer to a specific revision of a project. :local/root only respects the current version of the working tree, which can make using local deps under active development a bit trickier.

Support for SHAs and tags for local projects which are specified via file-based Git URLs would allow projects consuming local deps to specify the state of those projects unambiguously.

I previously asked a version of this question on the Clojurians slack and was referred here by Alex Miller.

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For this, you will just use a :git/url with file: protocol or no protocol. Admittedly, that does not currently work, but that is covered in https://ask.clojure.org/index.php/11251/allow-absolute-paths-for-file-based-git-urls.

Should be supported now in Clojure CLI