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As a follow up to https://ask.clojure.org/index.php/8866/using-git-deps-in-a-restricted-environment?show=8866#q8866

Given the increasing usage of git deps (eg tools.build) it is increasingly painful to use in corporate environments without direct github access. The majority of such corporates use tools like artifactory which, other than proxy things like maven, also allow proxying GitHub.

Specifically it allows access, via an API, that will download a specific sha or tag from github as a zip/tar archive.

In a general sense, could tools.deps be augmented to support this use case? I can see a few scenarios:

  1. Provide a remote/root or remote/archive that works similar to a local/root, but can source from an arbitrary zip/tar provided by a url
  2. Similarly allow git deps to resolve from some archive provided from a url

Since the url will have the tag/sha in it, presumably tools.deps would not need to download it again unless the URL was changed.

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I'm not familiar at a detailed level with Artifactory or what this would entail, but not opposed to it.

There's probably a bunch of edge cases, but at a high level:

curl http://$baseurl/api/vcs/downloadTag/github/cognitect-labs/test-runner/v0.5.0?ext=zip -o test-runner-0.5.0.zip
unzip test-runner-0.5.0.zip
=> ./test-runner-0.5.0/deps.edn ...

Contents are the same as if you download a ZIP directly from GitHub UI