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The specs for deps.edn files in the tools.deps.alpha repo are fairly out of date now, and don't coincide with what the documentation claims.

Discrepancies I have noticed:

  1. New git syntax is not supported, :git/sha, :git/tag and the like.
  2. Specs for coords claim that Maven and local coords can include a :path field.
  3. No mention of :deps/root or :deps/manifest in coords.
  4. None of the recent tools stuff is present.
  5. Missing top-level entries: :mvn/repos, :mvn/local-repo, :tools/usage, :deps/prep-lib.

Having accurate specs is really useful for tool development, since I can then use them to generate deps files to test e.g. Cursive against, as well as ensuring that any parsing I do is correct. It would be great if these could be brought up to date.

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Updated in tools.deps.alpha 0.12.1058