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I'd like to integrate support for tools.deps into Cursive. I'm assuming for the moment that the user must have the command line tools installed, and will have to configure the path to the {{clojure}} command. Currently I cannot get information about source paths etc via the command line tool, and will have to use t.d.a. to read {{deps.edn}}. However there is no way at the moment to figure out the version of t.d.a. in the current installation, or to get a classpath containing it. The t.d.a. version could easily be added to the {{-Sdescribe}} output, but that still relies on the client having Maven resolution capabilities to actually retrieve it, when the user already has it installed.

One option would be to expose the path to the installed uberjar. That seems like an implementation detail, but is really just everything the client needs to use tools.deps from a JVM client. Another option would be to expose the t.d.a. version in {{-Sdescribe}} and also provide an option to the {{clojure}} command to resolve and download a single artifact, and return a classpath containing the resulting jars. That's very Maven specific, though.

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/TDEPS-80 (reported by colinfleming)