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I saw a comment on Clojure.org stating that it only runs on java 8 or 11. I have 16.0.1 installed. What is the best solution for me? I really do not want to download Java 11 and in a way downgrade. I am also concerned with my older projects all configured to use newer versions.

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clojure.org does NOT state that it runs only on Java 8 or 11.

https://clojure.org/releases/downloads says:

Minimum runtime dependency: Java 8
Supported: LTS (long term support) releases, currently Java 8 and Java 11
Others: likely work, but not officially supported

Clojure runs on all versions of Java 8 or higher. We test and officially support Clojure on Java Long Term Support (LTS) releases such as Java 8 or 11 (or coming out today, Java 17). I know of no known issue on any other version of Java 8+, but they are not officially supported.

Clojure works great with Java 16.0.1 - if you want to use that, go for it.

Thank you so much.
When I install and run it, Windows says the module can not be run b/c it is not digitally singed.
It sounds like you are talking not about Clojure (the language) but the Clojure CLI tool for Windows. You can find some more support for this question at https://github.com/clojure/tools.deps.alpha/wiki/clj-on-Windows
ok. Yes. Thank you so much. I need to read more of the documents. Thank you for your help.