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I have a jar that I created from one of my projects using tools.build. I have included it has a :local/root dep in a different project but get the following error whenever I invoke clj with the jar on the classpath.

Error building classpath. Manifest type :jar not loaded when finding deps for io.github.erp12/clark-scala in coordinate {:local/root "/Users/eddie/Projects/Software/clark/clark-scala/target/clark-scala-", :deps/manifest :jar, :deps/root "/Users/eddie/Projects/Software/clark/clark-scala/target/clark-scala-", :parents #{[]}, :paths ["/Users/eddie/Projects/Software/clark/clark-scala/target/clark-scala-"]}

This error message helps identify which dep (and in this case, which exact jar file) is causing the problem, but I don't know if there is any information in there that could help identify the cause problem. Am I missing the way to interpret this exception? Are there any common causes of this?

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This is a bug in the latest prerelease and I have fixed it for the next release.

Ok thanks. I will try to work around it by copying class files from one project to the other instead of using a jar. The flexibility of "builds as programs" is already paying off!
Alex, is this a problem with the jar/uber tasks in tools.build or something else? (just curious as to whether I am likely to run into it, using depstar, or not)
It's a bug in tools.deps where I missed implementing some new multimethods for :jar manifest type deps. Fixed in
Thanks! I tend to keep my libraries (and work projects) on the latest version of t.d.a so I should be fine :)