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We have a small Clojure & ClojureScript web app running in Tomcat. The project managed to end up with a deps.edn for use with Shadow-cljs & lein for the backend to essentially build an uberwar. Is there a way to build an uberwar with tools-build or in some other way using deps.edn?

Thanks for any pointers

Daniel Sunnerek

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It would be useful to know what you need to put in the war. I assume dependency jars. Compiled app classes? web.xml? html/jsp? custom manifest attrs?

I'm not a guru in this area so would appreciate anything you can add there.

I realise building an uberwar is more complex that I thought. I will read up and inspect what's included in the war we are building now. And for the record, this is not a burning issue for us.
The seeming hard part (dependency jars) is actually the easy part. The rest just has a lot of open-endedness and I'm not sure whats useful or what other tools build automatically.
I came across this while porting our lein-based projects to deps.edn. We ship our product as uberjar and uberwar, with leiningen.
Nothing fancy, this is the configuration in use:
       :uberwar {:aot :all
            :omit-source true
            :handler myapp.handler/app-routes
            :init    myapp.handler/start-service
            :destroy myapp.handler/stop-service
            :name    "myapp.war"}