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At work, we have four or five JVM options that are common to almost every invocation of the CLI via aliases in our deps.edn file. Currently, we have :jvm-opts duplicated into each alias.

It would reduce duplication if we could just say :jvm-opts :common-opts in each alias and have a :common-opts alias that specified the JVM options in just one place or, even better, if the :jvm-opts vector could take a mix of keywords and strings and look up the keywords as aliases and merge that data in.

This would make :jvm-opts consistent with :paths and :extra-paths and help reduce duplication in deps.edn files.

In our specific case, we could then do the following:

;; under :aliases
:common-jvm-opts ["-Dclojure.core.async.go-checking=true"

;; in a specific alias
:some-alias {
  :jvm-opts [:common-jvm-opts "-Dlogged-future=synchronous"]

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