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It would be useful to have an alias that enables other aliases.

One use case is sometimes doing development against just one project, but other times doing development against a collection of projects.

Here's an example:

  {:dev/project1 {:override-deps {:local/root "/some/path/project1"}}
   :dev/project2 {:override-deps {:local/root "/some/path/project2"}}
   :dev/project3 {:override-deps {:local/root "/some/path/project3"}}
   ;; something like the following:
   :dev/all-projects {:aliases #{:dev/project1 :dev/project2 :dev/project3}}}

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HT to John Stevenson for pointing out that there's the potential for conflicts when inheriting from multiple aliases. For this reason, referring to a vector of aliases instead of a set is probably preferable. There may be other design challenges to work out here as a result of this concern, but I still think it's useful feature to have.

yeah, ordering is definitely important
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