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https://github.com/Homebrew/brew/commit/b07685291b65e51e0afc2b6cee91251419e0b3c1 was a breaking change for people deciding to keep using old versions of Brew (which is not particularly easy or popular, but I happen to do it). It's breaking in that an old Brew client querying a newer formula would fail with:

Error: clojure: undefined method `license' for #<Class:0x00007fd2ca91eb38>

This can be trivially addressed by wrapping the license call with an idiomatic if self.respond_to?(:license).

This would allow me to keep using the latest Clojure formulae without having to hack them for such a trivial change.

Would you consider doing it?

Thanks - V

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I don't think so. I can barely keep up with the regularly breaking changes of the latest brew much less manage old versions too. We are also trying to minimize differences between the Clojure formulae and the homebrew-core formulae.

Thanks, no issue. It was worth a try :)