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I'm having trouble resolving dependencies from a local .jar file. In short: they resolve when I run the .jar using java -jar, but they do not when pointing to the .jar in my deps.edn file.

The details:

I can successfully build and run the Java code in the Quickstart for plaid-java repository. This is my command:

java -jar target/quickstart-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar server config.yml

However, when I include the jar in my deps.edn and run clj -Spath, I get this error for each of the .jar's dependencies:

[ERROR] Failed to determine Java version for profile...

This is the line that fails in my deps.edn file:

com.plaid/quickstart {:local/root "src/usermanager/java/target/quickstart-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar"}

It may be worth noting that this project uses Dropwizard. Each dependency in the repository's pom.xml is listed as: <groupId>io.dropwizard</groupId>, <artifactId>dropwizard-bom</artifactId>, <version>${dropwizard.version}</version>. The version of Dropwizard resolves as 1.3.2.

I've tried two additional troubleshooting strategies:

  • mvn clean package rebuilds with no problem.
  • I've set my JAVA_HOME env var with no luck.

Thanks in advance!

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I've fixed this issue (missing system properties in pom model building context) and a prerelease version of clj is available now with the change ( if you want to try it.