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Google's Artifact Registry can be used as a Maven repository (see but deps.edn cannot currently refer to this as it does not provide hooks for custom wagons/transports.

In tools.deps, there are a couple ways this could be done. First, there is an existing Maven wagon for accessing artifact registry, so adding that + the wagon transporter (we use the newer transporter framework) + registration would allow custom urls to work with the existing code.

Or, another option would be to write a custom deps procurer that talks directly to Artifact Registry, not sure of the effort there but can't possibly be too much. Probably some subset of what the code at is doing. Probably the hardest part is figuring out the transfer of credentials. One of the benefits of this would probably be a smaller set of external deps.

And finally, clj would need a way to provide custom procurer support, which we have not yet designed.

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