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It looks like calling (s/describe) for (s/nest) specs fails with an exception.

The following call:

(s/describe (s/nest int?))

fails with this exception:

IllegalStateException Attempting to call unbound fn: #'clojure.core/unquote
    clojure.lang.Var$Unbound.throwArity (Var.java:45)
    clojure.alpha.spec.impl/nest-impl/reify--1676 (impl.clj:647)
    clojure.alpha.spec/form (spec.clj:258)
    clojure.alpha.spec/form (spec.clj:254)
    clojure.alpha.spec/describe (spec.clj:282)
    clojure.alpha.spec/describe (spec.clj:279)
    stem.i.log/eval16342 (log.clj:91)
    stem.i.log/eval16342 (log.clj:91)
    clojure.lang.Compiler.eval (Compiler.java:7177)
    clojure.lang.Compiler.eval (Compiler.java:7132)
    clojure.core/eval (core.clj:3214)
    clojure.core.server/prepl/fn--8941 (server.clj:232)

in spec-alpha2 with the latest commit from master

{:git/url "https://github.com/clojure/spec-alpha2.git" :sha "d514b06b25c41a676b95afcc9bfac8ca34c5741e"}

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Thanks, fixed in master.