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I was looking for a way to use Clojure data/json to convert back and forth from json but I cannot find any easy way to take unescaped json from stdin and output lisp like expression tree to stdout or vice-versa.

P.S: 'Hello World' is the 1st program people teach, I think 'Echo back' should be the second one.
Or something like
> This is Houston. Say again, please.
> Houston, we've had a problem.

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Some libraries to do conversion between json and Clojure data are data.json and Cheshire. Another option is the jet tool.

For a "way to take unescaped json" / standard input of JSON, and produce a Clojure data structure, Cheshire.
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Thank you, Is there a library to write sql over lisp data structure ? I mean after ingesting json as lisp ds what might be the general way to write queries on deeply nested structures.
Either SQL like set-operations or something like XPath queries or JsonPointer queries.