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I am trying to build rrb-vectors by concatenating singleton vectors at the beginning. I am doing to deliberatelly create relaxed structures, as part of a research project I am conducting on RRB-Trees.  However it seems that this causes a stack overflow (I guess, due to some bug in the RRB-Vector structure?):

(def benchmark-size 100000)

(defn vector-push-f [v]
  (loop [v v
         i 0]
    (if (< i benchmark-size)
      (recur (fv/catvec (fv/vector i) v)
             (inc i))

(def benchmark-rrb-vector-f (vector-push-f (fv/vector)))

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CRRBV-17 (reported by alex+import)