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When a let binding gets used across a blocking operation, the binding leaks out of the let.

(async/go-loop []

(let [msg (async/<! in-ch)]
  (if msg
    (let [stuff (vec (range 1 100000))]
      (async/<! out-ch stuff)
      (println stuff)


The {{stuff}} binding gets stuck into the the state-machine state. This persists across the {{recur}}, until the binding is next encountered.

(In our case, a few GBs had accumuled by that time.)

Ideally, the fields in the state that represent local variables would be nulled when the variables go out of scope.

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Comment made by: leonoel

related : ASYNC-219

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/ASYNC-223 (reported by alex+import)