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Discovered this while using {{tools.cli 0.3.1}} where it's handy to destructure one of their returned maps which has a key {{:arguments}}, but you can reproduce it like so:

(let [arguments [:a :b]]
    (println "Args Sync:" arguments)
    (go (println "Args Async:" arguments)))

which prints

Args Sync: [:a :b]
Args Async: #js {:0 #js [#<function (state_12638){
case 0:
return dls$rip$core$go_BANG__$_state_machine__6252__auto____0.call(this);
case 1:
return dls$rip$core$go_BANG__$_state_machine__6252__auto____1.call(this,state_12638);
throw(new Error('Invalid arity: ' + arguments.length));
}> 1 nil nil nil nil #<[object Object]>]}

I haven't tested this in the browser yet, so it might not be limited to node.

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Comment made by: lorddoig

Just tried, can't reproduce in Chrome.

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/ASYNC-118 (reported by alex+import)