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The following code:


(I used a gist due to this site's 12000 character limit)

...will fail with:

Unable to resolve org.clojure/clojure version: [1.2.1],[1.3.0]
{:lib org.clojure/clojure, :coord #:mvn{:version "[1.2.1],[1.3.0]"}}

Perhaps it's worth noting that [org.clojure/clojure #:mvn{:version "1.11.1"}] is already explicitly specified.

I'm using org.clojure/tools.deps "0.18.1354".

Thanks - V

I think it boils down to the fact that `calc-basis` doesn't download deps?

I am in fact calling `create-basis` beforehand. Could be some bug from my side, although in any case the exception isn't quite clear.

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This was caused because of the lack of :mvn/repos in my call.