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I wrote a spec to represent a validation outcomes and for the invalid one I'm including the list of problems reported by s/explain-data.
I have something like this
(s/def ::invalid-item (s/keys :req [::path :clojure.spec.alpha/problems]))

But this leads to some generative tests to fail since there is no spec defined for clojure.spec.alpha/problems
> Execution error at clojure.alpha.spec/reg-resolve! (spec.clj:90).
Unable to resolve spec: :clojure.spec.alpha/problems

Although I can perhaps infer the spec and define it in my own namespace I was expecting the spec to exist, is this a fair assumption?
Is it a good practice to use :clojure.spec.alpha/problems in my own spec or should I translate it to my own spec?

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There probably should be a spec for that.