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If an exception is thrown that contains unprintable ex-data, calling print-stack-trace will fail because print-throwable will throw an exception, making it very hard to debug certain failures.

(defn print-throwable
  "Prints the class and message of a Throwable. Prints the ex-data map
  if present."
  {:added "1.1"}
  [^Throwable tr]
  (printf "%s: %s" (.getName (class tr)) (.getMessage tr))
  (when-let [info (ex-data tr)]
    (pr info)))

Unprintable ex-data could include a third-party record type that implements multiple interfaces that conflict for print-method but did not anticipate making the record printable.

Wrapping that (pr info) in (try .. (catch Throwable t and printing something like (str "<unprintable ex-data: " (ex-message t)">)" might be a reasonable compromise here to allow for easier debugging.

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