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CCACHE-42 "Porting core.cache to ClojureScript" was declined for infeasibility in 2018, but the JavaScript situation has improved since then. WeakRef has spread to all MDN-tracked environments except Opera.

Lack of a ClojureScript port of data.priority-map (used by 2 cache types) is another challenge noted by CCACHE-42. An issue for a cljc port of data.priority-map is currently open: DPRIMAP-8.

As more data processing moves into browsers and Node.js, core.cache is one of the rare Clojure gems that is still pinned to the JVM.

Since a cljc port of core.cache is not as infeasible as it used to be (and to formalize an interest in DPRIMAP-8), may we reopen CCACHE-42?

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I would personally welcome a plan for CLJS core.cache. I think that instead of reopening that tickets I 'd like to look at it from the perspective of CCACHE-55 and how we could design a library that works across langs.