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What metrics library are people using with Clojure?

A quick Google search returned metrics and micrometer for Java/the JVM.

Anybody using these and can recommend them, or something else?

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I like io.pedestal/pedestal.log


It is a bit undocumented.

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I've been using riemann-clojure-client [1], which ships everything to Riemann [2], for several years. Not extensive like other libraries, but gives you a better control and with a few custom "with-timed-something" macros, it can measure practically anything. Also, don't forget that JVM (and other Java libraries, like Jetty) already comes with ready JMX metrics; you'd just need to pull them from the application. I use collectd [3] for that.

[1] https://github.com/riemann/riemann-clojure-client
[2] https://riemann.io
[3] https://collectd.org/