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Hi, i’ve come across the following when updating to Clojure 1.11.0. In our application we have some places where we create V5 (name based, SHA1 hash) uuids, using the danlentz/clj-uuid library. After the upgrade the v5 uuid’s produced are different. An example being:

(def ^:const +namespace+ #uuid "50d94d91-a1cf-422d-9586-4ddacf6df176")

(clj-uuid/v5 +namespace+ :some-keyword) 

;; Clojure 1.10.3
=> #uuid "d30e9c3c-ced2-534e-a6b8-ecf784fb0785"

;; Clojure 1.11.0
=> #uuid "a16f6719-952a-55b9-b71b-b15dd263665b"

After some trial an error It seems it is the local part argument i.e :some-keyword that is causing the difference, as within the clj-uuid/v5 fn it converts the keyword Object to a ByteArray, which now appears to be different. (If I use a String instead of a keyword for the local part argument then the uuid produced is consistent before and after the Clojure upgrade.)
The uuids produced are used in downstream systems and It would be quite difficult to have them handle the change. Is there anyway that I could achieve the exact same previous uuids?

closed with the note: Fixed in 1.11.1

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Hello. Thank you for the report. Just to clarify -- the version of Java used between tests is the same yes?

Yep the same version of Java (openjdk version "17.0.2")
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Just rehashing conversation from elsewhere here for the record - it seems that using a Keyword for the local part of the name will cause clj-uuid to serialize the object to bytes using Java serialization.

Clojure 1.11 made some additive backwards-compatible changes in Keyword (to improve arity exception reporting) and the binary serialization of keywords thus changed between 1.10 and 1.11.

We do not guarantee binary serializability of Clojure objects between releases so the expectation here that these would be identical is incorrect. There are several ways this property could be addressed in clj-uuid if desired - by providing custom serialization for Keyword specifically in UUIDNameBytes protocol (https://github.com/danlentz/clj-uuid/blob/master/src/clj_uuid.clj#L557), or by relying on pr to string then to bytes instead of binary serialization to object stream, etc.

It's possible we could "fix" this specific case by setting the serialversionUID of the clojure.lang.Keyword to the value it had in 1.10 (as these objects could be binary compatible) and we will consider that a bit more. But even if we did that, I would recommend using something more stable for clj-uuid local name parts (like strings).

FYI, I think we are going to do a 1.11.1 and pin the serialVersionUIDs for Keyword and ArraySeq back to the 1.10.3 versions. In case that helps decide on a delayed upgrade path.
In terms of the delayed upgrade path for uuid, are there any opinions on the best way to handle this?  Force an incompatible (but stable) serialization as optional?  Default?
I don't think there is a good standard way to handle this other than to put a compatibility note on the library. There are things you could do with version conditionals, but all those options are pretty gross and affect perf.
Clojure 1.11.1-rc1 is now available - please test and report back!
Many thanks, looks good!