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Without a :replace parameter, b/copy-dir faithfully copies over any binary (and text) files in from the source directories.

However, if a :replace parameter is provided, then it corrupts any binary files when copying. It does the replacement properly for any text files in the directories.


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It's not possible to know whether files are encoded character streams or not, so :replace implicitly assumes that you are copying text files. One existing solution is to use :include to specify only files of a certain type, ie "**.clj".

The Maven resource filter plugin has a binary filtering exclusion on file extension, that might also be a way we could go.

Makes sense. An :exclude complement to :include would be helpful in the future.
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The :include option is about what files should be copied. In this case, you do (I presume) want the file copied, you just don't want it filtered, so this is a secondary level. I've added an option :non-replaced-exts in v0.6.1 for this that defaults to include a few common image types found in resources, including .png.