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tools.build.api/write-pom writes a pom.xml file, but does not expose the file name.

Many tools that deploy to Clojars/Maven Central/etc. expect to be passed the name of a pom.xml file. For example cemerick.pomegranate.aether/deploy and deps-deploy.deps-deploy/deploy expect a :pom-file argument.

This leads to hard-coding this filename, for example in next-jdbc deps.edn, or re-calculating it, as in f-form dev/build.clj.

Would it be possible for tools.build to expose either the pom directory or pom filename, to facilitate the integration of builds and deploys?

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Sure, I'll take a look.

Added a new api function `pom-path` in sha 6736c83 that computes the pom path, either in the jar (based on :lib) or relative to the :class-dir if provided.
For Jacob: next.jdbc, honeysql, depstar, and expectations have all been updated to the new tools.build and the deploy is now in build.clj using pom-path instead of hardcoded in deps.edn.
For Alex: Thanks!
For Sean: I noticed that update landed in build.clj. I've been using (and loving) it. Thanks to you too!