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Leiningen has an option to display a fully-populated, well-documented project.clj file (as the sample.project.clj file from its installation.

The Clojure CLI has example-deps.edn which is laid down as ~/.clojure/deps.edn on first use. It does have some examples but it doesn't have all the possible options shown -- in particular it doesn't show where :jvm-opts should live (a lot of people seem to expect it to work as a top-level key in deps.edn despite what the reference docs say about it being part of an alias.

In addition, example-deps.edn still refers to -R and -C and doesn't mention -X or -M.

It also, somewhat confusingly, repeats several aliases from the system deps.edn file as comments, suggesting that those are useful things to uncomment in a user deps.edn file.

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I will update example-deps.edn, that has gotten a little old.

It would be nice if there was an option on the clojure script to display that example deps.edn file, like Leiningen's sample option (which also includes information about environment variables at the bottom of the sample project file).
I think there are really two things here that have diverged. While the user deps.edn was a handy place to do sample stuff, in reality most of that is irrelevant in the user deps.edn (which is mostly tool aliases) so it's saying too much now. But also, I find the sample thing useful so will consider that separately.
That sounds good -- having a minimal user deps.edn and a separate, fully-fleshed out and commented "example" deps.edn file. Thanks!
doc'ed as https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/TDEPS-200 so I don't lose this