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In almost all places where the CLI/deps reference uses :aliases it means the literal key :aliases in the deps.edn file.

In two places -- -X[:aliases] and -M[:aliases] -- it means instead a list of aliases.

I think removing the : in those two cases would be more consistent with the other uses of the word "aliases" in the text (as opposed to the _keyword :aliases).

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Seems reasonable. That's actually pulled from clj -h though so need to consider how to sync those up. clj man page uses slightly different syntax like -X[:alias...].

Since most places refer to aliases as having keyword syntax, e.g., :foo, I think plain aliases makes more sense than either :aliases or :alias... so maybe standardize all three things on just plain aliases?
I've updated the doc and the helps for next release.
Thanks! First glance over the updated help and docs all looks good!