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  1. Is https://github.com/gregsh/Clojure-Kit still actively maintained ? The last commit appears to be 5+ months ago.

  2. What is the current status of lein / boot / deps.edn? I am having trouble finding documentation on setting up deps.edn together with IntelliJ/Clojure-Kit. Is there a minimal tutorial to get started somewhere?


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Your questions about Clojure-Kit seem best answered by those who develop it, perhaps by creating an issue on its Github repository. I doubt that Clojure-Kit's developers follow questions asked here.

ask.clojure.org is closely followed by people who maintain Clojure, ClojureScript, Clojure CLI tools / deps.edn, Clojure spec, and Clojure contrib libraries listed here: https://github.com/clojure

Integration of Clojure with IntelliJ, Emacs, VScode, Vim, etc. are supported here only if there is an underlying issue due to the behavior of one of the languages, tools, or libraries mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Thank you for the response. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.

It might be worthwhile to update https://www.clojure.org/community/ask , which states:
"The Clojure Q&A site is maintained by the Clojure team as an official place to ask questions about Clojure, ClojureScript, ClojureCLR, Clojure contrib libraries, and any other Clojure topic." (and Clojure IDE certainly must fall under "any other Clojure topic").
That Q&A site page is correct/accurate but the reality is still that questions about some niche projects are simply going to go unanswered. I would recommend creating an issue on that project linking back to this question here, to encourage the project maintainers to answer the question publicly here, where we can all benefit from their answer (I had never heard of the Clojure-Kit project until you asked here -- so you can see how this site can raise the visibility of niche projects).
A quick look over Clojure-Kit suggests it is fairly minimal and has not been tracking the evolution of the Clojure CLI at all. I can see why I'd never heard of it -- but then I also don't use IntelliJ. I guess my question, at this point, would be: why not use Cursive? It's very actively maintained, it supports the Clojure CLI (as far as I know), and it has a great set of features.