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Here are my experience:

Getting Powershell:

  • not clear what version to download - Powershell 5 link did not take me to the a clear download
  • Powershell Core - also not clear what version? (I chose win-x64.msi under assets)

Running Powershell for the first time:

  • ran powershell for the first time and chose the default option -> not correct and needed to fix that later via settings

Running install for the first time:

  • worst is that I needed to try a few times - a good default (1) is not specified clearly and the Powershell window closes too quickly to read error/success

Suggest that the guide be updated to clearly indicate the following:

  • install Powershell: download the win-x64.msi or the correct selection from Github Assets
  • run win-install.ps1 with powershell and select [Y] if prompted to trust application, also choose Option 1 for install location when prompted

Note: I am posting here because I am not able to post feedback to JIRA

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If Powershell is an issue for you, take a look at deps.clj.

This is an unofficial clojure CLI re-implementation that will also work from cmd.exe.
You can download a binary directly from Github:


Also take a look at clojure-scoop for other Clojure-related tools on Windows:


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It sounds like you are running the win-install.ps1 by double click, akin to a batch file or exe installer.
I find it better (more natural) to invoke the installer from an actual PowerShell (e.g. run PowerShell, get a powershell prompt, navigate to where the ps1 file is, invoke It via .\win-install.ps1

That will leave things open so you can see all of the output and messaging from the script.

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If you have updates for the https://github.com/clojure/tools.deps.alpha/wiki/clj-on-Windows it is a wiki page - feel free to edit it and update anything that needs more clarity.