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There used to be a Road Map that told us what might be in Clojure's future. Immutable Namespaces was on the list . The idea seemed promising.

The Road Map has vanished.

  • Has the prospect of Immutable Namespaces vanished with it?
  • Is this a resource problem? Would Cognitect/Clojure accept funding to
    do it?
  • Is there anywhere else where Clojure's future is discussed?

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There's never been a road map per se. There was at one point an (incomplete) list of possible future ideas in the old design wiki (archived at https://archive.clojure.org/design-wiki/display/design/Release.zFuture.html).

Re the general concept of road map, I think what I wrote here https://clojureverse.org/t/roadmap-to-1-10/1581/8 is still largely how I think about it.

We have started discussing a list of possible ideas for Clojure 1.11 but haven't made any decisions yet. Immutable namespaces continues to be an idea on that list. Scope decisions involve a mixture of what we think are important directions for Clojure and what we see the community asking for or struggling with. These days a lot of those things are not in core and may instead be in tooling or libraries around the language itself.