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When enabling aliases when starting clojure, would it make sense to propagate those aliases when processing the deps.edn files of (transitive) dependencies?

This is related to but different from: Allow specifying aliases in coordinates that point to deps.edn projects (JIRA TDEPS-116).

Use case:

I'm developing a number of interrelated libraries. One of them, lambdaisland/chui-ui, has a dev dependency on garden. The released version does not need garden, it contains the compiled css instead.

chui-ui is a dependency of chui, and chui is a dependency of kaocha-cljs2. While working on either of these I use :local/root to set up the dependencies, so that I can easily work across these different sources.

;; chui-ui {:aliases {:dev {:extra-deps {garden ...}}}}

;; chui {:deps {chui-ui {:local/root "modules/chui-ui"}}}

;; kaocha-cljs2 {:deps {chui {:local/root "../chui"}}}

But this doesn't work as such, because when I start clojure -A:dev inside chui or kaocha-cljs2, then the garden dependency is not picked up. To make this work I need to copy that :dev alias with garden to the top level project, even though chui or kaocha-cljs2 are not concerned with garden.

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What would you expect to happen if your ~/.clojure/deps.edn file defined some common alias you use in all your projects, such as :test, and one of your transitive dependencies also included that alias?

What would you expect to happen if your current project deps.edn file defined a :test alias and one of your transitive dependencies also defined it?

We're using to project deps.edn overriding user deps.edn because those are both "our" files that we have control over -- it seems like a recipe for chaos for any transitive dependency that gets pulled in to interfere with either of those.