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I’ve been trying out tools.deps.graph today and it’s been very informative.

Following a hunch, I found that I was able to glean additional insight into my dependency graphs by manually coloring certain root-level branches.

For example:


This made it really easy for me to understand the weight/impact of one of my top-level dependencies.

I then floated this idea in the #tools-deps channel in Clojurians Slack:

it’d be cool if there was a feature to assign a unique
background color to each branch from the root — might make it easier
to visualize the impact of each root-level dep

and Alex Miller suggested I post this suggestion here, with the comment:

worth playing with. I experimented with a variety of color things, never found something that I thought helped, but I didn't try that!

So here we are.

Thanks Alex!

(Normally I’d include hyperlinks to the individual messages in the chat app, but the Clojurians Slack runs in an ephemeral mode, so messages are unreachable after a few weeks or so.)

Logged: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/TDEPS-146

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Link to that conversation mirrored into Zulip (which is permanent): https://clojurians.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/180378-slack-archive/topic/tools-deps/near/185513927