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I have a project with a very complex web UI and would lie to use ClojureScript. Om.next seems to be a natural fit, but from what I see, it's still in beta.

My Question is, how stable is Om.next? Are there going to be major API changes? In general, is it production ready?

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My perception is that om.next is not being actively developed. If its ideas interest you, https://fulcro.fulcrologic.com is a very close sibling (and includes a lot of other production bells + whistles).

I used Om.Next on a project several years ago, and am now working on one using Fulcro and I would agree that Fulcro is much more developed and has streamlined the main workflow, and has amazing docs and video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVi9lDx-4C_T7jkihlQflyqGqU4xVtsfi