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Clojure's core library includes clojure.xml and two other very useful functions evidently designed to work with data from clojure.xml: xml-seq and clojure.zip/xml-zip.

Is it intended that xml-seq and xml-zip work with data from clojure.data.xml and, in particular, its release-0.2 XML-namespace-related improvements?

Let's enhance the clojure.data.xml README to clarify whether, or to what degree, it should be OK to use clojure.data.xml with xml-seq and xml-zip.

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Comment made by: bendlas

I have used clojure.data.xml with xml-zip (as well as with clojure.data.zip.xml) and it worked as expected. I'd expect the same from xml-seq.

We should verify this behavior in the test suite and announce it in the readme.
Patches welcome.

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/DXML-41 (reported by alex+import)