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in core.typed by

    (defmacro lol2 []
      (let [a (list `typed/Option `typed/AnyInteger)]
        `(fn [] :- ~a 1)))
    (defmacro lol []
      `(fn [] :- (typed/Option typed/AnyInteger) 1))

    (clojure.core.typed/def lol*2 :- [-> (typed/Option typed/AnyInteger)]
    (clojure.core.typed/def lol* :- (typed/Option typed/AnyInteger)

I put this code in namespace A, both typecheck without problem.

When A is depended on by namespace B, when B is checked
lol*2 is completely fine but lol* crashes with

"Bad type syntax: (clojure.core.typed/Option clojure.core.typed/AnyInteger)"

The following works fine.

    (defmacro lol**3 []
      `(fn [] :- typed/AnyInteger 1))
    (clojure.core.typed/def lol*3 :- typed/AnyInteger

1 Answer

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CTYP-191 (reported by alex+import)