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in ClojureScript by
having simple file like this

export const simpleString = "abcdefg";

then importing it in :foreign-libs like this
{:file "generated/test.js"
                 :provides ["testNs"]
                 :module-type :es6}

produces file that exports nothing and the namespace is empty map. The reason seems to be that the namespace var is declared second time and gets shadowed. The generated file looks like this:

var module$Users$gdanov$work$playground$trading_cockpit$generated$test={"default":{}};module$Users$gdanov$work$playground$trading_cockpit$generated$test["default"].simpleString="abcdefg"

the only option that is not vanilla in the clojurescript compiler config is this
:package-json-resolution :nodejs
:target               :nodejs

optimizations set to :none

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJS-3040 (reported by alex+import)