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Goal is to add support for vectors based on clojure.core/Vec, built on top of JavaScript Typed Arrays.

My hope is that this would allow for both efficient creation of vectors from existing Typed Arrays without intermediate conversion to normal JavaScript arrays, as well as efficient concatenation of the composite arrays of the vector back into a Typed Array when necessary via an enhanced cljs.core/into-array.

Implementation is based heavily on clojure/core/gvec.clj, cljs.core/PersistentVector, and cljs.core/TransientVector.

Performance should be comparable to cljs.core/PersistentVector, although there is additional constant overhead with TypedArray instantiation compared to js/Array.

Adds cljs.core/Vec, cljs.core/TransientVec, cljs.core/vector-of, and updates cljs.core/into-array.

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Comment made by: adrianm

I still have to test, I will update the issue when that is complete. I just wanted to get my first patch up for review as quickly as possible.

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Comment made by: favila

No mention of Uint8ClampedArray.

Should Vec type- or range-check assignments? In Clojure these fail (even with unchecked-math):
(vector-of :byte 128) returns (link: -128)
(vector-of :byte "1") returns (link: 1)
* (vector-of :byte (js-obj)) returns (link: 0)

If we're going to expose host primitive arrays via cljs apis, should we also bring the various other array functions in line with Clojure (and ClojureCLR, which also has extra uint, ubyte, etc types) like you are doing with {{into-array}}? Some or all of these issues may warrant another ticket instead, or maybe even a design page:

  • make-array ignores type argument and lacks higher dimensions.
  • object-array, int-array, etc. maybe should return TypedArrays.
  • Missing ubyte-array, ushort-array, uint-array (like ClojureCLR)
  • Missing aset-* setters. (Meaningless in js unless we range-check.)
  • aclone and amap preserve type of input array in Clojure, but not in cljs.
  • missing array casters: bytes, shorts, chars, ints, etc.
  • While we're at it, primitive coercion functions (e.g. int, long, unchecked-int, etc) are either no-ops or differ from clojure. (e.g., int in cljs is like unchecked-int in clojure, but unchecked-int in cljs does nothing). Maybe these should be dropped or should match the javascript ToInt32, ToInt16, etc abstract operations (i.e. those used when assigning to TypedArrays). Maybe these match java semantics also?
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Comment made by: mfikes

Patch 1153.patch no longer applies

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Reference: https://clojure.atlassian.net/browse/CLJS-1153 (reported by adrianm)