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In our company we use a collection of projects. We want all of them to share common dependencies and aliases. For us it makes total sense to support additional config level most often called "workspace level" config in addition to other configs specified in https://clojure.org/reference/clojure_cli#deps_sources. Would it be possible to support that?

We've tried two workarounds:
- put shared config in the user level config. This approach has these problems: 1) there is nowhere to store user settings. 2) we had to modify CLJ_CONFIG to point to the location of the file.
- auto-generate deps.edn files for each project. This approach works but it generates a lot of updates whenever a shared dependency is changed. This also doesn't leave much room for custom project-specific or workspace-specific settings since every config file is auto-generated.

This is a big part of why we moved to a monorepo, and why we use Polylith. See my series of blog posts about this on corfield.org
Thanks for sharing!

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