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My understanding is that babashka is meant to be a fast startup clojure runtime, so they seem to work well together (borkdude already started porting tools.build to bb), but as I'm still a beginner, I wanted to understand how you folks think of those tools.

When should I consider one over the other, aside from what babashka already states in its repo (prefer jvm clojure for long running scripts)?


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My recommendation for beginners is to stick to the official tooling for learning, and then adopt additional tooling as you feel you need it, once you have a good handle on how the basics work. That reduces the variables in your environment and make it easier for you to follow tutorials and get help when things go wrong.

Babashka is a great tool and if you're set on writing shell scripts in (a subset of JVM-based) Clojure, then it is a great way to approach that particular problem.

Cool, thanks!